Monday, January 08, 2007

Cook along with Bert the Moose

Welcome everyone, to the first installment of cook along with Bert the Moose. Just for those of you who don't know the reference, it's from the radio series Jungle Jam... a very funny show, I highly recommend it. Anywho.... back to the cooking part. As you may recall from my previous post I have made it a goal to cook better..... and now you can too!

Lemon Chicken with Rissoto and Arugula

4 Chicken quarters
2 Lemons - juice and rind
4tbsp. olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
2 sprigs of fresh thyme (If fresh thyme cannot be found, subsitute with dry thyme..... huh...)
both salt and pepper!

Take the chicken, put it in a pan, mix remainder of ingredients and add to chicken as baste. Then either broil or fry chicken to perfection..... simple! a note - when peeling the rind off of the lemon be sure to not get any of the white part.... as that is where the bitter taste comes from... and it'll taste gross.

Okay.... to tell you the truth, I just used rice.... but that dosen't sound as cool.... Rissoto is a goey rice, and I'm not a goey rice kind of guy..... so just follow the directions on the rissoto or rice packaging and you should be fine.

Finish off with with mixed greens, perferably arugula mainly because it's got a cool name. And there you go!

This meal is fairly labour free... which is nice, but not very impressive... I do have a good excuse for that though. I made this meal during a brief but violent stint with the influenza virus, which I am just getting over so the next time it'll be more impressive..... hopefully....

so till next.......... keep fit and have fun?


Hamnet said...

i miss body break.

Anonymous said...

i miss hal johnson's moustache....*sigh*

Andrew Sorenson said...

first off, body break is back and better than ever... as the collective fat of north america is crushing the life out of our future.... and it really wasn't that large a part of my post, but I guess it hit a chord.....

Anonymous said...

... and they were always riding bicycles together and wearing those matching helmets and they'd have their little knee and elbow pads on... smiling from ear to ear...

Anonymous said...

i will comment on what your post is actually about, okay? ....lemon chicken is gross. you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't want to do any body breakin outside yesterday in the death blizzard.