Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Make love, Not War


Some of you may know that I don't have a great deal of respect for the NDP party of Canada. But their leader, Jack Layton was being the most ignorant person person ever. It was regarding the war in Afghanistan. This is a really hot button issue in Canada recently, but not anywhere near the environment... oh god, we're all going to burn to death.... (note sarcasm.... I still think it's funny that only 20 years ago we were all going to die from global cooling..... and then the hole in the ozone layer...which fixed itself.. what will kill us next? Global normalcy? but alas I do digress)

So Jack is demanding that we withdraw from the war immediately. No troops whatsoever. Canada should just provide "support" and "aid". Those are fairly vague terms for one. You know, building hospitals, schools, giving out food. All those "nice" things. It did not seem to matter that our soldiers are only fighting when they were attacked. It's not like we walked into the country, and started opening fire on civilians, there are people with guns shooting at our boys over there. It is my understanding that one of the most volatile areas is where we are building a road. that's development, and could be quite peaceful, and yet it keeps getting attacked.... and what would happen if there was no defense for those road builders? would the NDP be ready to send those workers to their death? Take responsibility for it? Or are the aggressors just all of a sudden going to be nice? Stop putting land mines around? Let the new women doctors keep their jobs? Not take back over the government and split it back into war lording factions? That somehow seems unlikely....

Canada in general doesn't even seem to be sure if we want to be in this war. There are some that say that we should just leave the world alone. stop sticking our nose where it doesn't belong. Fore shame! I think it's exactly what we should be doing. Helping those less fortunate. we could have just let the World War run its course. Both of them... No one attacked Canada.. why should we have cared?.... True, It has taken a long time for us come to try and help, but at least we are trying now. And truth be told, we should do more, in more places. Africa for one, there are horrible things going on there, and we do nothing.... and have done nothing. The Congo, Darfur, Rawanda... should we just leave them to their own devices? Let the warlords kill, just because it's their way? That's stupid. We have a duty to try and help those who can't help themselves.

Truth be told, we can't win this war... since it's not really a war. We aren't conquering it. That would be much easier. We just have to stay till the country is stable enough in it's own government. That could be quite a while. But I think it's a better option than just leaving the country to go back to the way it was... Then we'll leave and it won't be perfect, but even if it helps a little, I think it's worth a shot....

Just a thought.

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