Monday, May 12, 2008

Lonely Forest

So, here I am again, having neglected my blog for months and months. To tell you the truth it would probably be a couple more months before I blogged again if it wasn't for Lance commenting that I hadn't posted in a while. I'm mostly just honoured that someone still checks, even though I don't post very often. But here again, I will vow to post more frequently, and not let this blog melt away into mediocrity.

Today I might even have some interesting content instead of my regular banter of not knowing what to say; and then some various self beratement.

Today is about the band The Lonely Forest.

I first heard them in Seattle at Bumbershoot, an awesome music festival that I suggest you all go down and see, at the EMP Skychurch, which is a kick ass venue. Of all the acts at this festival, which included: The Newpornographers, Spoon, Badly Drawn Boy, Rouge Wave, Keane West, AFI, Great Big Sea, Fiest, so on and so forth... These guys were probably my favourite. The show was just so much fun... I think I may have even jumped a little, it's kind of a big deal. Just a little.. I'm not like some freaking pentecostal or something.

I recommend you all go to their Myspace page listen to their music. It's really better than me just describing it to you in writing. Although my words are like sun-spun gossamer from the mind of a poetic genius..... but I still think it would be better if you just listened to the music.... They just self released another album called "We sing the body electric" which I'm not too familiar with yet. But I have and love, and listen to religiously their first EP and first Album, titled The Lonely Forest and Nuclear Winter respectively.

Hopefully you like it. and if your ever in northern washington, try and catch one of their shows.
I know I'm going to.


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