Monday, October 27, 2008

It's October Man.

Well blog fans, I'm back, and I will dispense with the customary apology, since I'm sure you're as bored of it as I. I know, I suck at updating and I'm sure you know it by now too. Let's just accept it.

Today I have another concert and artist spotlight for you. This one is near and dear to me, so just know that I'm handing you an indie gem... The Band is Octoberman; the album Run From Safety; The good news? They are touring. They recently rolled through town with the Fembots and I was there. It was good. It was really good.

I first heard the titular song "Run From Safety" in my brother's car as we went to some fun little ethnic burger shack in Calgary. I subsequently replayed the song about a hundred times... When I like a song, I like a song... That lead to looking up on myspace and digging the rest of the songs in the Octoberman repetoire. I was hoping to catch a show, see what else they had going... but alas, they were going through saskatoon when I was still in Alberta. I was crushed, as their next tour was in europe. But then CBC radio three announced a tour with the Fembots, coming back through Canada. Thank you radio3...

So I got a bunch of friends together, ditched out on my night class and showed up early to the show. Showing up early was a little excessive as I'm pretty sure I was the only one there who had even heard of there were like 20 people there, and they were there to see the Fembots. Then my friends started whinging and whineing at the fact that we had to wait for the band to start and that i have terrible taste in music and that it was taking forever for the band to start. My friends can be so ungrateful at times.... When Octoberman started, they all stopped complaining (cause I have super awesome taste in music)..It was a great show. A great set. I would rank it in the top ten concerts I have seen... and that's saying something.... The Fembots were good as well. Great show all around. If you have a chance to see them, I guess pretty much only in Vancouver on this tour, you should.

Get the album, see the show. It'll move you.


bethany ann said...

psh. thanks for taking me. i wouldn't have complained. jerk. :P

Lynne said...

ha ha ha! (see me for more comments)