Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm am Nutty, aren't I?

So, I'm back home in beautiful Viking Alberta, back from my 2 week vacation to the equally stunning Saskatoon saskatchewan. That being said however, I now just realize that I kind of took off without saying goodbye to everyone. I just kinda left. So..... I guess I'm kinda turning into a nutty professor type of character. just being all forgetful and absent minded. Maybe it adds to my mystic.... but it really doesn't... it adds to my weirdness. But it was a good time, hanging with the old gang, being somewhat bored like old times and drinking a rediculous amount of coffee.

what else do I have to say that is even somewhat interesting........ um..... our phone line is down at home, internet too, I'm using church property to write this blog... I wonder if that makes this blog holier than thou? I shouldn't wonder if it does.

- a story interlude

once upon a time there was a boy named george. He lived in a gorge, and ate a lot of porridge. but alas I do digress, as I tend to do in stories of woe such as this, for George was smote with coat worn by the goat at the moat where the boat used to float. Poor kid then hid in hut by the mutt to tergiversate the coat toteing goat. so if you happen to be a boy named george who eats porridge in your gorge, you must not associate with coated goats who stand by moats lest ye be smote by an afor mentioned coat. Man don't you hate evil goats who assail with coats?

-/story interlude

The Stampeder are tied for 1st in the west right now... Rock on'

alas, it is fortuitous that this narative is fourthcoming upon the culmination of it's ceasation.

till next time, peace out
Andrew Sorenson


Anonymous said...

your interlude kind of hurt my brain.

Girl_In_Saskatoon said...

All I have to say is no more coffee with someone who does not say good-bye. But you will be dearly missed in these parts. Sniff sniff