Monday, October 02, 2006

My brush with fame

You will never believe what happened the other day!

There was an event in our church, like a poetry irish themed thing with music and dancers, and the musical act was no other than Finola Hackett and her brother! I know I don't need to explain who that is to you. but of course if you were born under a rock you might not know who that is, so I'll elaborate. She is of course Canada's top speller and the 2nd top speller in all the world! And apparently they are also Irish folk dancers and musicians, who knew.

Yup, so the top speller in Canada and 2nd in the World did an Irish Jig in my church, and her brother is like the top Irish jigger in Canada.

It's almost like I'm famous, just because I saw them.


Anonymous said...

you're kind of cool.

Anonymous said...

that's nothing. i know a person who knows a person who met a person who knows a person who saw a person who's related to a person who worked with a person who knows a person who saw Barbara Walters sister from a distance.

Cristobal said...

I definetely know who she is. I wrote about her on my blog too...

wow You really saw her? I would have asked her to take a picture with me or for her autograph (or both).