Sunday, December 03, 2006

Worse and um, more worser?

Wow, I'm so burnt out right now.... I've been at school every day so far this week and like 8-10 hours a day... I think next week will be the same..... I understand why all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.... I think it would also make him irritable... Yesterday we started our project at 9:30 and I got home at 2..... in the morning..... like A.M..... and then I was up early for church this morning.... and then I was at school from 1 to 6ish... which wasn't so bad.... but now I have a paper to write for the morning... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......

To make matters worse, we are now having our work judged by our teachers, which is not fun. we have been doing okay though. but we finished up our Mini Documentarys and mine didn't save right and they screened the unfinish version... and I hated my life.... So mad...... and I did really bad on a Cinematography test...probably like 50 something........... even more mad..... like really mad......... but then I got a producing test back and I got 100% so that made things a little better... and then on saturday I was going to take my truck to the school to transport our equipment.... but I couldn't find it..... I went to where I last parked it and it was not there....... so I assumed it was either stolen or towed for some reason... and I was about to call the city to see if they towed it when I looked down a cross street, and low and behold there was my truck... but I didn't park it there..... so my truck moved.... and wasn't stolen or broken into..... I was so weirded out........ I can only think they moved it to clear the snow from the street that I had parked on, as they had snow clearing signs where I had previously parked..... but even that seems kind of weird....

So, I'm tired.... the week after this we start our documentary filming so we have no more class till after christmas, which will be nice. And it will be freakin' awesome to be home and have a break.

Okay, thats enough of me being tired and depressing.... The weather is way nicer now, I can just wear a sweater outside again! I love that.......oh crap.... I just dropped a piece of pizza in a sink full of water..... whatever...

Ed Stelmach as Premier Elect of Alberta!!!!! Woohooo!
and lets be honest... no one cares who is the leader of the Liberals.

Peace out


Hamnet said...

best line by far:

"oh crap.... I just dropped a piece of pizza in a sink full of water..... whatever..."

that really made me laugh for some reason. thank you.

Anonymous said...

i found certain portions of this post to be reminicant of "Dude, Where's My Car?". so, you know, be on the look out for weird alien peoples and rubiks cubes and stuff. also, i think i'm going home on the 19th now. we have to hang out as much as humanly possible. yes. good idea. ok your day has officially been brightened.