Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to clean a silk tie

Lets say you're at a wedding, or just going out on the town. So you're all dressed up; A suit, or maybe just a classy dress shirt, and a fine silk tie. You sit down for a bite to eat. and you spill something on your tie!!!! oh god no..... not the silk tie.... never that! maybe it's just a little spec, um coffee... or maybe something less threatening...like pheasant. So what do you do?Well, I'll tell you.

Nothing, you're screwed.

Your tie is ruined. just hang your head in shame and never dress up again and blend into mediocrity.

Or just do your best to prevent any such occurrence by throwing your tie over your shoulder, but not in very formal settings. That could get you into hot water. And, if you really want to try something to fix your beloved tie, you can take stain remover and dab it onto the tie with a napkin. NEVER USE WATER ON A TIE! Also I've been told that talcum powder can be used to remove grease.

And I know I have only the classiest of readers, so this little heads up will not fall onto dead ears.

Peace, you classy people you.


bethany ann said...

ok. so what my gr.4 teacher did when he went home for lunch was he tucked his tie into his shirt so that it wouldn't get soup on it. like in between some buttons, you know what i mean? good idea, only one day he forgot to untuck it....awkward.

Anonymous said...

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