Friday, August 04, 2006

Smell That?

Thats that new blog smell, not old, stale and musty like an old unused blog. Just crisp, clean and full of interesting possibilities. Heres hoping this one doesn't fall out of my routine as well. I have good intentions at least.

The purpose of this new blog is to chronicle my new and scary journey into the heart of Vancouver (the biggest city I will have ever lived in!) and to help me keep in touch with friends. God knows I am rather hit and miss with that, so hopefully this will help a little. It is a new blog for a new chapter in my life. Listen to me being all philosophical.

Lifes Road is Winding. get it? it's a metaphor.... it's not actually a road... thats dumb.

-----------Latest News---------

- Friday August 4th -Clint, Graham and myself are still working for ATCO Gas, moving gas meters from inside the outside of houses. We are presently enjoying a long weekend at the moment, which is why I have the time to create this blog.

- Friday July 7th - I was accepted into the Film Production program at the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver British Colombia. After all these years of thinking and talking about it I guess it's finally going to happen. Turned twenty.

So thats all I got right now, hopefully I get some people intersted in hearing what I have to say. I guess I should come up with some interesting stuff to say as well. I'm warning you it could be random sometimes, but I'll try to post every once in a while.

So till next time peace out
-Andrew Sorenson

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