Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Number Two!

Hey there my teaming mass of readers! Summer has finally drawn to a close and that means that our summer work has also. That is both good and bad news. Good news because hey, working sucks, but bad news because despite working for four month I have absolutly no money, I'm actually negative money. Which really sucks. enough sob story though.

anyhow, after we finished up work for the summer, I got a call from my brother who was in Seattle, he and my cousin were going to goto a music festival down there, which was cool. I really wanted to go too, so I did. Yup, I just drove to edmonton that night and took a plane at the crack of dawn to Seattle. Man I love being young and semi spontainious. The festival was called "Bumbershoot" which I believe is a british term for umberella. There were so many awesome bands. From major acts like AFI, Keane West and Yellowcard to great indie bands like Spoon, Feist, Of Montreal, CocoRosie, The New Pornographers (no they are not dirty), Metric, Mates of State, Rouge Wave, Matt Costa and so on. There were also comedy acts like David Cross and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe from "24") and also there were art, poetry and film exhibits. It was a blast.

After that we drove up to Vancouver to find a place for me to live. We stayed at Jordie Rostie's house and the next day we set off to find a place. I must have phone like 20 houses and found about 3 that weren't sold, so I was super stressed. And at the first house I went to started viewing at 5, we got there at 5:10 and three people had already looked at the place. It was first damage deposit gets, so we ran across the street got money and that was that. I am now the proud renter of 1915 W. Broadway aprt 16.

So that is the major news as of late. I don't move out there till sometime mid october so for now I'm just chillin' in in rainy Saskatoon.

So till next time,
Peace out

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Anonymous said...

all i have to say to that is....david cross is fricking hilarous.