Thursday, August 02, 2007

Famousness revisited again - The series

Today was like any other day. Well, not exactly, we had the day off after just finishing our shooting of the short film Mortecai. A film on which I was the Director of Photography. So anyhow, that was fun and it felt good to have the day off, just hanging out and whatnot.

So tonight we went to see the movie Sunshine. It was good, not fantastical, but it was good. But that isn't the point of my post. It was who was sitting just in front of us. Some guy! yeah. We were just sitting, waiting for the film to start and making fun of yellow hue of the lame projector. The man sitting in front of us agreed. We started talking about things we hate at theaters, one time he was at a movie and all the speakers weren't on, and nobody went to say anything.. that kind of conversation. So how is random theater guy famousness revisited again? well I'll tell you. I thought the guy looked familiar.. and it was totally Corbin Bersen! Who? how can you ask who!?! He's only the actor with one of the largest snow globe collections ever! It was nice to talk to him without knowing it, probably for him too. Because us, being film students, would have been all " You're totally an actor" "That's totally awesome" and other nonsensical jibber jabber.

So we were cool, and now I'm being a lame nerd about talking to an actor. Well, I think it's cool to see an actor just down at the local movie theater. It's just the jet set life that I live.

Till the next time I see someone famous, I bid you adue,



Heather said...

I saw Angelica Houston once. But I didn't get to talk to her, so your story is much better.

Andrew Sorenson said...

But Angelica Houston is in all of Wes Anderson's movies. So that is awesome.