Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call me Director

Well, It's been a crazy week, but we are done shooting my first short film. After all this time, I finally have a film with a written and directed by credit. I'm not going to lie, it's awesome. The locations, the actors changing changing my written story into actual pictures, images.... Now I just have all work of post production. you know, color timing, editing, ADR... all that fun stuff.

But as of now I am done shooting films at VFS. It seems like only yesterday I started here.... and now it's almost over. I am going to be a part of a 48 hour film festival with some friends here at the school I guess, I'll probably just do sound or something. But yeah, other than that things are starting to come to a close.

I've just decided to create a new blog specifically for my film rantings. It's called MoviePictureBox. You know, the famous people I've seen and whatnot. That way I can just delve into my feelings and whatnot on this blog. Don't you want to hear about my feelings? I know you do.

Um yeah... so... Ring ring ring.. banana phone. do do de lod alod dol....

Oh Raffi..


Anonymous said...

Nice work on finishing off the film. Congratulations! I'd like to see it sometime.

- Graham

P.S. Remember when we gorged ourselves on food and sat around all day watching movies while sweating profusely?

Anonymous said...

oh oh! i want to know about your feelings! and your films. this set up works out well. also, my ringtone is garson singing "ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone" hahahahaha!!!

ps. come visit me. i miss you.