Friday, September 21, 2007

Things Galores and Mores

Okay, It's late at night and I'm still awake... well, I guess it's early morning... anywho... The point is I'm still up. I have to finish my titles for my show, and I haven't even started. So it's going to be a while. Worse yet, I have to take part in a 48 hour film festival this weekend.. It's going to be a grumpy week or so for me. Oh well... that's the fun of it all I guess. Only one month left and then I have to find a real job. Scary.

So who have I seen that's famous recently... well there was Pinball Clemons, coach of the Argonauts, shopping at the local London Drugs. That was cool. Then there was David Hewlett. Now, not many of you will know who that is, and thats okay. He's an actor on Stargate Atlantis. He recently came to our school to promote his new comedy "a dog's breakfast". It was an idependant he put together with his wife and some of his stargate co-workers. Some of it was pretty funny. I thought the whole experience was pretty awesome, but maybe that's just because he has been on stargate.

In big indie film news, for those of you that haven't looked at my facebook, I have recived the an okay from Asthmatic Kitty records to use a Sufjan Stevens song in my film!!! I couldn't believe it when I read the email. Now, it's not set in stone yet, as there is some paperwork to fill out, but it's looking good. I love it when no multi billion dollar corperations are involved.

So yeah, this is still the famousness and film topics that I always post.. but hey, that's my life... and I don't really want to ramble like this on my new blog, since it's so nice and neat right now....

So much for whatnot. Back to throwing stones...

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