Thursday, February 21, 2008


So Oscar season is upon us. Yawn...

get the corner gas tie in? Oscar... jackass..... oscar, from corner gas.... he says jackass a lot.... no? no? whatever....

so...Andrew, the film guy, not excited about the Oscars. that's wierd.....

yeah...I'm not a huge fan of the Oscars, it all seems so arbitrary and and political. For instance, I think The assasination of Jesse james should be in the running for best picture, but it only shows up in best supporting actor and cinematography. the latter of which it will win. Roger Deakins is a freakin' machine. I am awed by his greatness.

And excuse me, this might be an obtuse question, but where is Rambo on this list? I mean, that movie was freakin awesome... and not even a mention... not even in best actor... what's this world coming to. again, you might be sensing some sarcaism, but I really do like stallone. I think he is given a rough time unfairly, unlike his action star counterpart, the govenator.

at least Transfomers got some nomination nods.

Michael Clayton.. that film is overrated. just so you know. I will be dissapointed if it wins anything.

Juno was good. I think it'll do well. Maybe it has been a little to hyped up at this point. It's not THAT good. it was good. that is all.

There will be blood. I like it. I think Daniel Day Lewis will win one for this role. he was a gooder in this film.

Best supporting actor is actually the tighest race I think. all killer actors in that catagory anyhow.
I wish casey affleck could win, but it'll probably go to javier bardem, for his kick ass portrayal of a creepy hitman in texas.

Once has to win best song. It has too! It is an awesome song. great stuff. Not that the enchanted songs aren't great.

I was watching a little bit of E talk today *gag* and it just irritated me so much. It's all, "oh, shes wearing this" and "he is dating her" and scandle because they got seated in the 3rd tow instead of the 4th.... and so on and so forth... just stupid... I hate that.. the whole thing.

Why do people care. I mean, I like that these people make good movies, and I take an interest in their careers and future work. But I could care less who is dating who or whatever... maybe that's just me. And I wish brittany spears would just die already.. I don't give a sh*t.... not at all...

So... I don't care too much, but my vote for best picture.... will be.... No Country for old men??? or there will be blood.... juno maybe??? those are the ones. and Daniel day will win best actor.

this has been a rambling discourse on the oscars and entertainment in general.

I haven't written in a while, hence the ramblyness... and I am aware that's not a word.

So, till next time,

continue being rocking awesome.
(did you notice how lacluster my capitalising has been) I did, I just don't care... I just don't care...


bethany ann said...

oh man! when once won for best song! that was probably the best moment of my life!

heather said...

I like to watch and see what gowns the girls picked. Seriously. Are you judging me?

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