Sunday, February 03, 2008


So, these past few weeks have been fairly lame, like the title suggests. It seems like everyone is so busy that they just never want to hang out. I always have time to hang out. even when I really don't; I just love hanging out and being sociable. Me? Sociable? Yeah, that's right. I am.... Well... maybe not sociable... but I like hanging out... So yeah, for the most part it's been me and Alex... just hanging out... which is okay, but you know, it gets old. So this is my passive aggressive plea.

Stop being lame.

life has been okay otherwise. I got a raise, and work is still kind of fun. So yeah, that's good.

What else....

I'm watching the superbowl right now... I don't really care about that... but there's no one to hang out with.....

Hah. I love to complain. It's cathardic.

I have a beard.


bethany ann said...

come visit me!

i have no friends.

Anonymous said...

you have a beard?! hmmmm, i don't see that turning out too well... send me a picture! and hey, if i were in stoon, i would hang out with you! unfortunately i am on the other side of the equator for the next little while. but why don't you get involved in a church group or something. or you could do some volunteer work and meet cool new people! that wouldn't be lame! that would be sweet!