Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Attack of the KILLER TREES!!!!

Link to Global BC

The Trees are trying to kill us all!!!! this is a land of extremes!

"A powerful Pacific storm packing strong winds and heavy rains walloped British Columbia’s south coast Wednesday, barely a week after record rainfalls forced hundreds from their Fraser valley homes." -"The Province"

Trees have hit many homes, a steel building colapsed... one house was almost completly destroyed.... quite a few houses were hit. a trailer mart and a bunch of trailers were destroyed. Power poles leaning at an excess of 45 degree angles. Port Alberni on Vancouver Island was almost completely under water. hundreds of houses went without power and the roads were closed.

I mean, I knew it was windy and all, but I guess all the builings in the downtown block wind pretty good.

Watch out for the trees... they're everywhere.......everywhere........ they are trying to kill us all!!!!!


Anonymous said...

so your house didn't fall over then?

Anonymous said...

Be carful, or they will smite you with there powerful boughs.

Anonymous said...

ps. we learned about killer trees in gr 8. they are coniferous trees! and they shed their needles and kill everything around them so that they will have enough water to drink. now you know.