Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More life Ramblings

Well, I guess it's that time of year again, Christmas.....? yeah I guess, halloween is but a day in the past and it's already on to the next major holiday. You'd better get out there and spend all your money, because that proves to people that you love them... Gotta love the corprate juggernaut.

what else is new..... umm... I freakin' love "The Office". It's so awesome, it's probably the best show of all history. Toby is my favorite character... he totally was going to ask pam out, but then didn't because he got awkwarded out... thats freakin' awesome... although pretty much all the characters are the best... but that doesn't sound very decisive does it.

Today they started selling the monthly bus passes and I stopped by the bus station to purchase said pass, but to my dismay the ATM ate my bank card... needless to say I was a little irritated (to say the least). So then I had to leave the station empty handed and a little late for class....and now I have only like 6 dollars..... it'll get me to school and back till the weekend, and by then I'll have my replacement card..... it was a wonderful morning. Classes were okay, we were learning Avid.. ohhhh ahhh....Avid.... it's a movie editing's awesome.

tut tut it looks like rain,


Tabby said...

i love avid

andrew when i die you can have all my christmas presents so you feel loved
i am sure that i will be dying before christmas

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmm..........who is toby? or are we talking about the brittish one? because i don't remember any names from that one...exept the guy who is the equivalent of "jim" is named "tim". also, when you were speaking of major holidays, you clearly forgot about GUY FAWKES DAY. i dont see how you could have. its not obscure at all...

Anonymous said...

i figured out who toby is. dont even trip.

Sara said...

I ALSO love The Office!!! I can't believe how much I love it sometimes. Once my friend compared me to Dwight and I got so mad at him. I still kind of am, actually.

Anyway, you are VERY well spoken. I like your writings.

Anonymous said...

I think Phyllis is my favorite character from The Office. Especially in the basketball episode when they were playing against the guys from the warehouse and Phyllis wanted to play too but Michael didn't want her to play because he really wanted to win and then she was sad.